The SERA Annual Conference is an important event for the educational research community in Scotland. The three-day conference, to be held at Queen Margaret University from 22-24 November 2023, invites researchers and practitioners working in Scottish and international research contexts to share their insights under the theme of Meeting global and local challenges through interdisciplinary partnerships and collaborations in education.

The #seraconf23 booklet, programme and delegate list can all be found on our website.

SERA Conference 2023

Researching Education

Researching Education Bulletin: Creative Arts Special Edition

In recent years there has been a more concerted approach to promoting arts education and creativity in Scotland. While the growth and development of national initiatives, activities and policies is heartening, it is important to have a sense of practice at a grassroots level. This special edition of REB shares the findings of a series of creative arts education research projects in a variety of contexts, including schools, Further Education Colleges and community settings.

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