Introduction to Trustee Training


Good Trustee Training is good practice

It has been agreed by the Executive that Organisational training is an important part of how SERA supports those members who volunteer to be part of the Executive Committee or are elected at an AGM as Trustees.

SERA is a relatively small and simple organisation and our trustees would require to balance their time so that they access what important and straightforward information they need to know as a Trustee but do not become too concerned about unlikely details.

It is suggested that initial Trustee Training should focus on areas such as trustee duties and responsibilities, financial oversight and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Remember that the Charities regulator (OSCR) is more interested in learning what the charity is doing than being overcritical about reporting details and strict compliance.  Their CEO has asked charities to broadcast their achievements in their annual reports to attract interest from potential supporters as well as help to gain publicity.