The primacy of leadership in effecting change and improving outcomes for young people is seen in ongoing investment in building leadership capacity and capability across education systems, including Scotland. While leadership challenges and solutions are context specific, approaches to leadership development reflect global trends. Given the scale and speed of systemic change in education, the place and role of research in informing such approaches and supporting the development of leaders can be often be partial or post factum. This new SERA network will provide a forum to articulate and discuss leadership and leader learning and development; to connect academics, researchers, practitioners and policy makers; and to interact nationally and internationally with cognate research associations. A key feature of the network will be its interdisciplinary and interprofessional leadership focus to promote research engagement and collaborations in education and with the wider public sector.

Events and materials from the first year of activity:

Annual Spring Bulletin:

Network’s current and forthcoming activities:

  • Addressing the attainment gap – University of Strathclyde, Tuesday 26th April 2016: Leadership Network Event Poster. You can also download the SERA LiSEN Presentation powerpoint presentation delivered by Dr. Joan Mowat
  • March 2017 – University of Glasgow. Link to Graham Donaldson lecture: “Tomorrow’s teachers, tomorrow’s leaders” for LiSEN can be accessed here

Network conveners

  • Dr Joan Mowat, School of Education, University of Strathclyde (member of SERA Executive)
  • Dr Margery McMahon, School of Education, University of Glasgow

For information, contact:

Leadership Presentation