Joining SERA

Is SERA for you?

SERA aims to promote educational research and debate about the contribution research can make to enhanced practice. SERA membership brings the opportunity to join an active community of teachers, policy makers, teacher-researchers, professional researchers, research funders and other educational professionals.

If you are interested in educational research, as an active researcher or as someone who feels that research has a role to play in the development of policy or practice, you will benefit from SERA membership.

Our members are drawn from across all sectors – nursery, primary, secondary, further education and higher education. They include researchers, students, teachers, lecturers, managers, curriculum specialists, policy makers and research funders. SERA actively encourages and supports new researchers.

Membership Information

The SERA membership package includes all these benefits:

  • Discounted prices at SERA conferences and seminars
  • Discounted prices on EERA events
  • Free subscription to Scottish Educational Review
  • Membership of Special Interest Networks


Membership of the Association is open to all individuals with a professional or academic interest in research in education in Scotland , as active researchers in the field of education, as educational practitioners, as educational policy makers or administrators.

  • The Membership year shall run from 1st January to 31st December.
  • Part year membership is not available on a pro-rata basis. A yearly fee is payable for membership for any part of the membership year.
  • Membership is on an individual basis. Organisations must apply for Institutional Affiliation

Classes of Membership

There will be four classes of membership:

  • Full membership which is open to all individuals with a professional or academic interest in educational research.
  • Full Membership at a reduced rate which is open to full-time students and those who are retired or unwaged.
  • Life Membership which may be conferred on individuals in recognition of their services to SERA.
  • Honorary Membership that may be conferred on individuals in recognition of their contribution to educational research in Scotland.

Non-membership affiliation

To accommodate organisations who wish to be informed about and participate in SERA activities and for whom individual membership would not be appropriate, for example because of frequency of turnover of staff or where there might be a potential for conflict of interest in personal membership, there will be a category of Institutional Affiliation. Affiliated organizations may nominate any number of Affiliates

  • Affiliates will be entitled to all benefits of full membership, except voting rights.
  • Affiliates are not individually nominated.
  • Non-membership affiliation must be registered under an organisational contact name.
  • The fee for the Affiliate Organisation will be equal to the equivalent fee for the same number of full memberships.

Application for Membership

  • Application for Membership shall be submitted to the Executive of the Association who shall have the powers of approval, review and termination of membership.
  • Members are expected to comply with an ethical code of practice.

Please print off the application form in Word format SERA Membership Form and send it with a cheque made payable to the Scottish Educational Research Association, a request for an invoice, or Direct Debit instruction to the following e-mail address:

You can also submit your membership form by post at:

SERA Membership (c/o Dr. Stephen Day)
School of Education, University of West of Scotland
Ayr Campus
University Avenue