Teacher Education Network

Teacher Education Network

Teacher education is seen internationally as a key lever in improving pupil outcomes, and, ultimately, enhancing nation states’ competitiveness on the global stage. The current global meta-narrative pronounces that ‘teachers matter’ and that it is not just more teachers but quality teachers that are required.

Recognising education as having transformative capacity focuses on the importance of teachers, highlighting the need for teachers who not only have high-level knowledge and skills, but who also have the dispositions and the social and political awareness to carry their responsibilities wisely. Thus, teacher education has never been more important, and yet it rarely attracts large-scale funding and is often accused of lacking a coherent, theoretically informed literature base

The Scottish Government investment in the ‘Measuring Quality in ITE’ (MQuITE) project – a collaborative, longitudinal study of teacher education quality in Scotland – has facilitated significant cross-Scotland momentum in developing a theoretically-informed empirical evidence base. Therefore, this SERA network seeks to build on this momentum and provide a forum for further consolidating and extending this collaborative effort to build research and enhance practice within teacher education.

TEN welcomes membership from researchers (established academics and research students), research users (GTCS, Education Scotland/SCEL, RICs, Scottish Government) and practitioners. Anyone interested in joining the network should contact the network convenors.

Network Convenors

Aileen Kennedy aileen.kennedy@ed.ac.uk

Nicola Carse Nicola.carse@ed.ac.uk



Network activities for coming year

  • Establish TEN aims and communication strategy and share on SERA website.
  • Develop membership of TEN by hosting local discussion events in the north, east and west of Scotland
  • Launch network meeting and symposium at the SERA 2019 conference
  • Hold one national seminar