Scottish Physical Education Network

Recently, physical education (PE) has experienced a revival in many western countries. This is partly as a result of global concerns about obesity and physical inactivity. Consequently, PE has become synonymous with health and wellbeing. This represents a shift in the way that PE is defined and presents a challenge to promote the educational contribution the subject makes to the lives of young people whilst simultaneously expanding the scope of the subject to incorporate health and wellbeing. To meet this challenge PE is experiencing significant curricular and pedagogical change and research has a key role to play in informing such developments. In Scotland, there is a recent and growing interest by PE practitioners, teacher educators, academics and policy makers for engaging in research. This research has a valuable contribution to make and would benefit from wider dissemination.

Therefore this SERA network provides a forum to support this dissemination by connecting all key stakeholders who have an interest in PE and HWB both within and beyond the Scottish context. It will provide a forum to discuss and debate current issues and research in PE and health and wellbeing, creating a platform for the development of high quality, interdisciplinary and impactful research.


  • Provide networking, professional development and knowledge exchange opportunities for teachers and teacher educators.
  • Disseminate physical education research with a range of educational stakeholders within and beyond the Scottish context.

All future updates regarding the Scottish Physical Education Network can be found in the SERA Latest section of this website under the Scottish PE Network category.

Network conveners: