Health and Wellbeing Research in Education Network

In Scotland and around the world, educational settings are becoming increasingly responsible for supporting and nurturing children and young people’s health and wellbeing – as well as developing their skills and knowledge for health and wellbeing. This responsibility is influencing the research landscape in Scotland, where there is a growing interest by teachers, teacher educators, academics, policy makers and other stakeholders for conducting and engaging in health and wellbeing research. This SERA network provides a forum to support the dissemination of this research by connecting all key stakeholders who have an interest in health and wellbeing both within and beyond the Scottish context. The Health and Wellbeing Research in Education Network (HREN) will provide a forum to discuss and debate current issues and research in health and wellbeing, creating a platform for the development of high quality, interdisciplinary and impactful research.  Currently, members of the Health and Wellbeing Research in Education Network have an interest in research related to the concept of health and wellbeing, including (but not limited to): curriculum, pedagogy, physical education, physical activity and sport, and teacher learning. At the heart of this research is a focus on equity and inclusion.


  • To provide networking, professional development and knowledge exchange opportunities for teachers, teacher educators, academics, undergraduate and postgraduate students, policy makers and other key stakeholders.
  • To disseminate and make accessible health and wellbeing research with a range of educational stakeholders within and beyond the Scottish context.

Network conveners:

To find out more about the network and to join the network mailing list please contact either Nicola or Shirley.


Our twitter account is active and has information about past and future events. @SERA_HREN

2023 Events

  • June 2023 Network meeting at University of Strathclyde
  • September 2023 SATPE Conference
  • November 2023 Workshop at SERA Conference