SERA Sustainability Statement

The Scottish Educational Research Association is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. During the Covid-19 pandemic all Committee meetings and SERA events have been held online. Once more in-person working and in-person conferences return we will be working to promote the use of active travel and public transport to our events. The Executive Committee decided at its meeting in October 2021 that in future only two of Executive Committee meetings would be held in-person each year from now on.

In future SERA will presume that all travel on association business within Scotland, England and Wales will be done via public transport unless there are particular reasons, such as accessibility, not to do so. Travel beyond Scotland, England and Wales should be done via rail and/or ferry if possible.

SERA will also encourage all delegates to future in-person events to travel to those events by public transport and/or active travel (walking and cycling).

If you have further suggestions on how SERA can do more to operate in a sustainable manner please contact us.

December 2021