Ethics in Education Network

Ethics in Education

Ethics is a critical concept in education, with growing significance nationally and globally, as a discipline to be taught and as a philosophical determinant of practice for educators and policymakers. As we navigate global challenges of climate change, poverty, war, Artificial Intelligence and social injustice, we are compelled to consider what is plausible, moral, and permissible, according to ethical codes to which we hold ourselves accountable. If we render current generations responsible for a sustainable global future, we must consider how moral and ethical responsibility is understood, practiced and taught across our education systems.

Aims and Focus of the Network

The aim of this new network, established in January 2024, is to develop and enhance understanding and application of ethics in education, through exploration of the theory/research/practice intersections around:

  • Teaching ethics
  • Global challenges: educational responses for ethical futures
  • Ethical procedures in research
  • Ethical dilemmas of 21st century educational leadership
  • Ethics in assessment practices
  • Ethics of AI in education
  • Ethics for school practitioners

Ethics is interdisciplinary, intersecting the work of other networks, with specific connections to Leadership, Poverty, Teacher Education, Inclusion and Technology, that we look forward to exploring. We invite all those with a concern for ethics in education to join this network and contribute to deeper understanding of ethical concepts and their application during current and future educational challenges.

Please contact Alison Mitchell or Aileen Kennedy for details on how to join and engage with the network. We particularly welcome researchers or practitioners from underrepresented groups in Scottish Education, including BAME and LGBTQ+ SERA members.

Profiles of Network Convenors

1.      Ms Alison Mitchell (University of Glasgow School of Education)

2.      Professor Aileen Kennedy (University of Glasgow School of Education)

Proposed network activities for the incoming year (2024)

1)     Launch Event in May 2024 (Date and venue TBC)

·         Introduction to the network and key proposed strands

·         One keynote speaker

·         Discussion groups, scoping needs, foci, activity and intended impact of the network

2)     The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Education: In person event, September 2024 (Date and venue TBC)

·         Keynote presentation with Q and A

·         Cross-sector discussion groups as a scoping exercise around the opportunities challenges and knowledge/research deficit around AI in education

·         Feedback: What next?

3)     SERA November Conference

·         Network Presentation (networks’ sharing event)

·         Presentation by members of the network

Network Publications

As a new network, we propose to collaborate together and across SERA networks to write, publish and present in the field of Ethics in Education. Our first publication will be an invited article for the special edition of the Researching Education Bulletin, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of SERA.