Early Years Network

Who are we?  

The SERA Early Years is network is forum for promoting professional development alongside best practice for the Early Learning and Childcare profession in Scotland. We focus on the interdisciplinary aims of education, health and social care for early education and childhood studies, as well as concerns of social justice and tackling poverty by encouraging innovation within ELC research. We also aim to sustain and forgnew links with policymakers, practitioners and the public 

The members of this network are committed to expanding research-informed practice by building international partnerships: network members have established partnerships in Spain, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. Members are currently involved/working within the SSSC, the Scottish Government, Early Years Scotland and third sector organisations. The network recognises the need to involve current students, as well as graduates working within the early education field, to learn more about the impact of sector developments on children’s outcomes, as well as promoting and critiquing practitioner research. 

All with an interest in ELC are welcome to events, including those working within relevant policy and working in practice. All ELC staff, as well as all students, including undergraduate and postgraduates are welcome. Those undertaking independent research in settings are particularly encouraged to attend.


Upcoming Events

On Thursday April 20th we welcome Professors Linda Mitchell and Fran Press to an in-person seminar focused on neoliberalism and the complexity of early childhood educators’ work.  Professor Linda Mitchell (University of Waikato, New Zealand) has spent many years researching early childhood education policy and practice and critiquing the marketisation and privatisation of early childhood education. She is currently Visiting Leverhulme Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University.  Professor Frances Press (Griffith University, Brisbane) has a long-standing interest in early childhood education and care policy, and the ways in which policy enables and constrains possibilities for children and families.

In addition to our regular online and in person seminars, 2023 will also see SERA network members presenting to international audiences at the European Conference on Educational Research, the International Play Association conference, and the annual European Early Childhood Education Research Association conference.

If you would like to share ideas, please email us: sera.early.years@gmail.com

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