Poverty and Education

The impact of poverty and deprivation on education is a theme that is of major national and international significance in both developed and developing countries. This theme is interdisciplinary, incorporating disciplines such as Education (especially Inclusion and Social Justice), Sociology, Political Policy, Gender Issues and International Studies. The theme is important in the context of Scotland as school education attempts to negotiate the challenges of educating children and young people who belong to low income families and who can suffer the effects of limited financial resource and consequent detrimental effects on housing, diet, adequate fuel and restricted access to cultural capital. Poverty and deprivation can affect the regularity of attendance at school, concentration at school and opportunities to participate in social and cultural activities. The theme is equally important internationally. Comparisons can be drawn between Scotland and other developed countries but there are also serious concerns about the impact of poverty and deprivation on school education in developing countries. This can result in children and young people having no access to school or access to school restricted to part time and concluding at the end of primary school (girls are at particular risk).

Recent and Forthcoming Events

Emporium of Dangerous Ideas, 16 June 2015, Stirling.

This was a major launch event for the Poverty and Education Network. Speakers included representatives from the Network, the EIS, Education Scotland and the Colleges and Universities.

Poverty Network

BERA Symposium on Poverty and Policy Advocacy, 20 April 2016, University of Glasgow.

Another well-attended event brought together academics and practitioners from across the UK. There were presentations by key members of the SERA Poverty and Education Network: John McKendrick; Alastair Wilson; Stuart Hall, Kevin Lowden, Niamh Friel and Stephen McKinney. There was also a good representation from members of the SERA Poverty and Education Network

BERA Symposium on Poverty and Policy Advocacy at the BERA Conference 2016, University of Leeds.

Stephen McKinney and Stuart Hall contributed to a symposium on poverty and Education in the UK Presented at the BERA Conference on 15 September 2016.

Forthcoming Events

  • The Poverty and Education Network will meet at the SERA Conference in Dundee on Wednesday 23rd November 16.30-17.30. This is an important meeting to share ideas and plan future events.
  • The Network has organised a Symposium for the SERA Conference on Friday 25th October 14.00-15.00. This will feature new research by Oonagh Robison on Housing policy and the impact of poverty on secondary schools in Glasgow and by Nina Ivashinenko on Complementary ethnic minority schools in Scotland: Poverty prevention in migrant communities.

Network conveners:

  • Professor Stephen McKinney, School of Education, University of Glasgow
  • Mr. Stuart Hall, Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change, University of Glasgow
  • Mr. Kevin Lowden, Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change, University of Glasgow
  • Prof. John McKendrick, Glasgow School for Business and Society, Caledonian University
  • Dr. Archie Graham, School of Education, University of Aberdeen

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