SERA Connects 2020

All of our SERA Connects events are recorded and uploaded to our SERA YouTube channel. Please feel free to revisit any events that you did attend or to view ones that you missed.

All SERA Connects 2020 events are posted on this page.

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Title: SERA Connects: Health, wellbeing and COVID19 – supporting people’s health and wellbeing in schools since August 2020

Presenters: ScotPERN

Date: Thursday 3rd December, 2020

Title: SERA Connects: Theory and Philosophy Network Event

Presenters: A seminar hosted by Philip Tonner (University of Glasgow) and David Lewin (University of Strathclyde)

Date: Thursday 3rd September, 2020

Title: EERA Network 18 Research in Sport Pedagogy Seminar

Chair: Dr. Shirley Gray (University of Edinburgh)

Date Thursday 27th August, 2020

Title: Moving in, moving on, moving up: Transitions in the early years

Presenters: Marion Burns (HMI, Education Scotland),  Aline-Wendy Dunlop, Emerita Professor, (University of Strathclyde) and Kathleen Johnston, Quality improvement Manager, (Northern Alliance).

Date: Thursday 30th July, 2020

Title: In conversation with Walter Humes

Presenter: Professor Walter Humes, University of Stirling

Date: Thursday 23rd July, 2020

Title: What does it mean to ‘make’ a curriculum?

Presenter: Professor Mark Priestley, University of Stirling

Date: Thursday 9th July, 2020

Title: A conversation about Inclusive Education in Scotland

Presenters: Dr Margaret Sutherland and Dr George Head

Date: Tuesday 30th June, 2020

Title: Health, wellbeing and covid-19 – supporting young people during their transition back to school

Presenter/s: Dr. Shirley Gray (ScotPERN) with support from Dr Deb Holt, Dr. Ruth McQuillan and Stephanie Hardley from the University of Edinburgh

Date: Thursday 25th June, 2020

Title: What should ITE be about and what should it hope to achieve?

Presenter/s: A seminar hosted by Dr Paul Adams (University of Strathclyde) and Dr Amy Burns (University of Calgary)

Date: Thursday 11th June, 2020

Title: Shifting Landscapes: realising the potential of digital learning and teaching

Presenter/s: In conversation with Derek Robertson (University of Dundee). Event hosted by Carrie McLennan (University of Dundee).

Date: Thursday 28th May, 2020