SERA Conference 2021

45th Annual Conference of the Scottish Educational Research Association

#seraconf21 – November 2021

School of Education, University of Aberdeen

Conference theme – Education: Open to all?

The Scottish Educational Research Association welcomes original contributions from scholars and practitioners across a wide range of disciplines and educational settings. Our three-day conference invites researchers and practitioners working in Scotland and elsewhere to share their insights under the conference theme of Education: Open to all?

Strands for the 2021 conference include:

  • Curriculum and pedagogy: How can the curriculum facilitate education for all?
  • Digital Learning: What are the challenges and opportunities of opening up education online?
  • Innovative Research Methods: How can innovative research methods contribute to social justice?
  • Policy and Education: How does policy at global, national, regional and local levels impact on access to education?
  • Professional and Vocational Learning (including teacher education and higher education): How is knowledge generated and how is it shared in the workplace and across professional boundaries?
  • Social Justice, Community Education and Inclusion: Can education be open to all? Who is included and excluded in education today?