Young women, Instagram and physical education seminar

The next University of Edinburgh Physical Education Forum Seminar is happening at Moray House School of Education on Tuesday 5th March at 5pm in St Leonard’s Land room 3.24.

Young women, instagram and physical education: learning about bodies, health and fitness.

The seminar is presented by Dr. Maria José Camacho Miñano who is a Professor in Physical Education at the Faculty of Education, University Complutense of Madrid in Spain.

She will present her initial findings from a study that explored how and what young girls learn in relation to bodies, health and fitness through Instagram and PE. Her research indicated that, although engagement with social media can be informed and critical, it is not always positive. She also suggest that schools and teachers should look for ways to develop digital literacies and critical digital pedagogies so that social media might become a space where young people can resist dominant discourses around health and the body and learn about alternative ways of being.

For more information and to register for the seminar use the Eventbrite link.

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