‘Toys That Teach’ -Inclusive Education Network event

The SERA Inclusive Education Network will be hosting an online event in March. Full details below:

Title: “Toys That Teach: Fostering Disability Representation and Inclusivity through Toybox Tales Chatty Pack”

Date: Wednesday 6th March 2024, 4:00-5:30pm.
Location: MS Teams
Organisers: SERA Inclusive Education Network
Speakers: Drs. Clare Uytman and Sian Jones are chartered psychologists, working at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh whilst Dr. Soraya Khanna is an educational psychologist, working in South England.

This webinar is for: practitioners, students, researchers, and other stakeholders in education.

Event Overview: Despite ongoing efforts to promote inclusivity in mainstream educational settings, there continues to be instances of negative interactions between non-disabled children and their disabled peers. At the same time, educators report that they don’t feel confident talking about disability in the classroom. In this webinar, psychologists Drs. Sian Jones, Clare Uytman, and Soraya Khanna will share their research and resources. The resources are intended to assist educators in offering both reflection and insight, in the form of mirrors and windows, as well as fostering constructive conversations about disability with children.

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