SERA Connects: Pedagogy in practice – Attitudes and understanding in data-informed decision-making

Title: Pedagogy in practice – Attitudes and understanding in data-informed decision-making.

Date: 25th March

Time: 16:30 – 17:30

Location: Online Zoom seminar

Organisers:  Scottish Council of Deans of Education Scottish Attainment Challenge Project

Speakers: Dr Stephen Day, University of the West of Scotland; Professor Jim Scott and Derek Robertson, University of Dundee; Mark Lindley-Highfield, University of the Highlands and Islands

Who is this online seminar for:  Teachers, school leaders, local authority staff, teacher educators, researchers and policy-makers

Seminar Overview

This Seminar is the first in a series drawing on the work of the Scottish Council of Deans of Education Scottish Attainment Challenge Project.  The project, which involves eight universities across Scotland, is exploring the effective preparation of early career teachers to work in schools serving communities of high multiple deprivation. The seminar series aims to engage with a wide audience on five focus areas emerging from this work:

  1. Pedagogy in Practice – becoming a teacher
  2. Flourishing and Belonging – an ethic of care
  3. Reframing Schooling – in and of the world
  4. Social Justice – agency and respect
  5. Theory, policy, experience – creating professional space

This first Seminar addresses the focus, under the National Improvement Framework, on early career teachers using data to inform their equity-related practice. Barriers to doing this successfully – relating to attitudes and understanding – appear mirrored by indications of reluctance among early career teachers to embark on numeracy-related interventions, even where their own in-class research highlights this as an issue. Variations in early career teachers’ access to data and their agency in developing alternative means of tracking progress are also discussed.

This relates to the project’s first focus area, Pedagogy in Practice, which considers how students and early career teachers can be best supported to bring equity-related theoretical, social and cultural knowledge to bear on their everyday teaching practice in schools.

The seminar will open out to discussion with attendees after three short inputs from the presenters.

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