SERA Connects: Theory, policy, experience – Creating professional space

SERA Connects: Theory, policy, experience – Creating professional space

Date: 8th June

Time: 1630 – 1730

Location: Online Zoom seminar

Organisers: Scottish Attainment Challenge Project

Discussant: University of the Highlands and Islands: Dr. Morag Redford

Presenters: University of Glasgow: Dr Kevin Proudfoot,  University of Stirling: Dr John I’Anson and Dr. Alison Jasper

Who is this online seminar for:  Teachers, student teacher, probationers, school leaders, local authority staff, teacher educators, researchers and policy-makers

Seminar Overview

This is the fifth seminar in a series drawing on the work of the Scottish Council of Deans of Education Scottish Attainment Challenge Project.

This relates to the project’s fifth focus area, Theory, policy, experience – Creating professional space. To cultivate research/policy/practice links and interactions at all levels of the system and promote the development of a research oriented stance and engagement in professional dialogue from the start of a teacher’s career.

Seminar Recording


A file containing the full discussions of the event can be accessed via this link.

The overall seminar series aims to engage with a wide audience on five focus areas emerging from the Project:

  1. Pedagogy in Practice – becoming a teacher
  2. Flourishing and Belonging – an ethic of care
  3. Reframing Schooling – in and of the world
  4. Social Justice – agency and respect
  5. Theory, policy, experience – creating professional space

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