SERA Pedagogy Project: Pedagogical Journeys and Pedagogical Concepts

Title: SERA Pedagogy Project: Pedagogical Journeys and Pedagogical Concepts

Date: Wednesday 9th June 2021

Time: 1600 – 1730

Location: Online Zoom seminar

Organisers: SERA

Speakers: Paul Adams (University of Strathclyde) and Paul McMillan (University of Edinburgh)


Seminar Overview

Across much of the Anglophone world, pedagogy is seen to be the ‘methods and practices of teaching’ and has spawned many differing interpretations such as subject-specific pedagogy, inclusive pedagogy, critical pedagogy, relational pedagogy, etc. Although many such terms direct attention to pedagogy as relational, it is also the case that many of these views stem from identification of what is as much as what is not. For example, ‘Primary Pedagogy’ describes as much the teaching of younger children as it does the ‘not teaching’ of this group. What ensues are debates about the appropriateness of one definition for pedagogy over another, and perhaps its colonisation of other spaces, rather than a consideration of ultimately, what education might be and what it is for. Questions can be asked as to whether, indeed, pedagogy should return to historic ideals of ‘sitting together’ and ‘exploring together’ in, with and for the world? This project will explore pedagogy conceptually and theoretically, not in terms of the ways it might lead to ‘methods and practice’ but as rooted in possible ultimate goals for education.

This is the first seminar to launch the SERA pedagogy project. The focus of this first seminar is to initially bring together academics with an interest in pedagogy to begin to shape the project. This seminar aims to create a discursive space for participants to discuss their journeys with pedagogy in response to provocations from Paul Adams (University of Strathclyde) and Paul McMillan (University of Edinburgh). The programme for the event is below.

1600 – 1610 – Welcome and background to project

1615 – 1625 – Provocation 1: Paul Adams (University of Strathclyde) my pedagogy journey

1625 – 1640 – Breakout Rooms 1

  • Sharing journeys
  • Discussing Paul’s journey

1645 – 1655 – Provocation 2: Paul McMillan (University of Edinburgh) my pedagogy journey

1655 – 1710 – Breakout rooms 2

  • Understandings of pedagogy
  • Discussing Paul’s journey

1710 – 1720 Whole group feedback and discussion

1720 – 1730 What next?

Attendance at this event is through invitation and the zoom link will be shared via email prior to the event.

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