Call for papers – Special Issue on Learning for Sustainability

Special Issue of Scottish Educational Review – Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30th October 2017

Sustainability is a multi-faceted and contested term, posing questions arising at the interface between three, interconnected dimensions: environment; economics; and society. Within this triangle, education, and teacher education can play a significant role. New ways of thinking in the world can be supported by different ways of educating, encompassing the social, political, and ethical spheres.

This special issue of Scottish Education Review aims to bring together a diversity of contributions from international scholars and practitioners in different fields to situate ‘Learning for Sustainability’ in the current educational landscape. The editors invite contributors from a range of disciplines and sectors to stimulate dialogue on the different aspects of ‘Learning for Sustainability’, from, for example, outdoor and environmental education, to values education, human rights, artistic practices, and business studies. We encourage contributions focussed on policy implementation as well as empirical studies and new theorising in the field to inform and shape this important area of children’s and teachers’ education in meaningful and creative ways.

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